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Cartridge Refill Service

Why refill your cartridge?
Your original printhead cartridge is an expensive and complex device. Recharged on the Cartridge Expert machine it can continue giving excellent service without the need to buy a new one every time. This saves you around half the cost of a new cartridge and helps the environment by reducing manufacturing, transport and waste disposal.

Will it harm your printer?
The Cartridge Expert machine recharges your own cartridge so you simply put it back in the printer in the same way as when ‘new’. There should be no reason why this will cause any damage to the printer.

What about the ink?
Cartridge Expert uses specially formulated inks to emulate the performance of the original – judge for yourself the quality and durability of our ink, we think you will be more than happy.

What if it doesn’t work?
Your Cartridge Expert supplier is trained to inspect and advise on all aspects of recharging cartridges. Provided your cartridge has not been previously refilled by another supplier and is not damaged, it is very unlikely to fail. In the unlikely event of a problem, your supplier will recharge it again or offer you a trade-up to a new original cartridge and a discount voucher for the next recharge.

How much can you save?
Your Cartridge Expert supplier will show you exactly how much you could save by recharging your original cartridge rather than replacing it every time.

We also sell new cartridges
for a wide range of cartridges for many brands of printer..

We offer an on-site printer cartridge refill services using the Cartridge Expert system. The following cartridges can be refilled directly with us......

1 Lexmark Black:
Series 48, 50, 70, 71, 75, 12A1970, 12A1975, 13400HC, 1382050, 15M2971E, 15M0640, 17G0648E, 17G0050
1 Lexmark Tricolour:
Series 19, 20, 25, 60, 80, 85, 90, 12A1980, 12A1985, 12A1990, 1382060, 15M0120, 15M0125, 15M2619E, 17G0060
1 HP Tricolour:
Series HP17, HP23, HP41, HP78
1 HP Black:
Series HP27, HP56
1 HP Tricolour:
Series HP28, HP57
1 HP Black:
Series HP15, HP40, HP45
1 Lexmark Black:
Series No.16, No.17
11 HP Black:
Series HP19, HP20, HP26, HP29, HP33
11 Lexmark Tricolour:
Series No.26, No.27



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